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(Dec. 9, 2008) I did the traditional educational path for print journalism — including a stint at the local daily — but wound up working as a full-time blogger after graduation. I write for several companies, including CNET (now owned by CBS).

I did an extensive job hunt after I graduated and had no luck: local media just weren't hiring. I started taking on freelance work online, and wound up with several permanent blogging positions. There's a surprising variety available, from full-time bloggers to guest posters — and they seem to be growing. Many sites actually prefer recent grads, in my experience, over older writers — there's something of a stereotype that older writers just aren't as familiar with various websites and blogging tools.

The skill that a journalist absolutely must have when blogging is the ability to self-edit. There just isn't the system of copy editing in place for online media, so a writer who can put together good posts quickly and without error will certainly be valued over his or her counterparts.

I would advise all new journalists, no matter their filed, to create a website. Blogging can help prove to prospective employers that you're keeping up with your trade, but a static website listing clips and contact information is an absolute minimum.

Thursday Bram
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